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Deliver the flexible, AI-powered experience that your workforce expects with the unprecedented efficiency that it needs.

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While the demands on IT have never been higher, ChromeOS can be the catalyst for driving a new level of efficiency.

OS and application management

ChromeOS devices are optimised for web-based apps, which helps simplify updates, lower support costs and reduce compatibility issues. The Google Admin console also makes it easy to push specific apps across diverse user groups.

Device and user management

With ChromeOS device management, IT admins have access to hundreds of policies and granular controls through the Google Admin console. Manage all your ChromeOS devices, assign device and user policies, remotely block access and more.


ChromeOS automatically blocks harmful executables and safeguards system files, preventing ransomware and other threats. Regular updates ensure your devices stay protected against emerging vulnerabilities.


It's quick to provision, deprovision and reassign ChromeOS devices. And since software, customisations and security policies are applied through the web, employees are able to get up and running without IT intervention.

  • The best of Google AI

    Since launching ChromeOS in 2009, we've set out to build innovative products that transform how people work. To create an OS fit for an AI-powered world, AI features flow throughout the Google and ChromeOS ecosystem so that you can create, connect and collaborate like never before.

  • Devices that do more

    Unlock a computing experience that unites advanced hardware with powerful performance. Chromebooks are fast and boot up in less than 10 seconds, delivering extensive battery life, storage and memory.

  • Apps that employees know and love

    With Google Workspace and ChromeOS, employees get a productivity powerhouse and IT gets all-in-one management via the Google Admin console. See what's possible when essential apps like Gmail, Google Docs and Google Slides meet an OS that's fast, secure and simple to deploy.

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